Something to Think About…

369 Steps to Self Awareness

by Johnnie Williams III


We all have thoughts on subjects like life, politics, education, and relationships. But are our thoughts actually our own? How often do we really dissect the roots of what we think and believe? Society is full of people reacting their way through life and wondering why they arrive at the outcomes they do. It’s time for a thought revolution!
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E.N.C.O.U.R.A.G.E.M.E.N.T Specialist

As your encouragement specialist I’ll be:

E.mpowering you to be your solution
N.etweaving you with other great people
C.onsulting you on your BIG ideas
O.rganizing your initial steps
U.ndoing your unproductive habits
R.estructuring your current belief system
A.ssessing your progress along the way
G.rowing your confidence in your ability
E.stimating your return on time invested
M.otivating you to stick with the process
E.valuating your strategic decisions
N.avigating you around the setbacks
T.raining you in a way that you best learn

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    “If I really knew YOU, I would probably stop and applaud your triumphs over all the adversities you’ve overcome. Salute....”

    “I was told to build it and they would come, but now I’m telling you to build it because they are waiting (for it).” - J. Williams III

    “HISstory is often amongst a child’s first traumas- that gets repeated over and over until they believe it; and then (they) repeat it .”

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