Confidant Coaching

Reach Your Potential

Move Past Your Pain

Learn The Tools To Thrive Not Just Survive

Actualize Your True Potential

As your Confidant Coach, I am going assist you in addressing what is really stopping you from achieving your desired outcome. I specialize in assisting individuals with giving (past) pain a purpose. This is done by helping you to shift the perspective around it. If you are seeking a coach that can encourage you, enlighten you, and empower you with very intentional steps and the creation of necessary habits; I welcome the opportunity to serve that role.

By securing me as your Confidant Coach, you’ll have full access to 40+ years of life experiences. You’ll tap into more than 20+ years of inspirational content. And you’ll gain my assistance in connecting your necessary dots to achieve your desired outcome.

Your journey will begin with a $250 initial conversation fee that will provide me with a base understanding of who you are and what you are aiming to do, but need some assistance with. During this hour long conversation I will not hold back any great ideas or concepts that I sense or see would tremendously assist you. You will receive a clear return on your investment and expectations. I will develop a custom plan with you to achieve what is of value to you. And, however many conversations you feel are needed will be provided at the cost of just $50 per hour time slot.

My aim in creating Confidant Coaching was to make my motivational services available to you. But, my main objective is to provide you with enough support to soar without the need for my services. Thus, we ultimately become friends in service and commerce.

I look forward to us speaking soon,

Johnnie Williams III

“be encouraged to encourage someone today” – JW

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