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Creative Consulting

As your Creative Consultant, I am going explore your vision, idea, concept or company for strategic and creative ways to connect with your target audience.

By securing me as your Creative Consultant, you’ll have full access to the strategies I used for over 15 years of public speaking to diverse populations of people.  My mind connects dots very very well and that allows me to simplify your steps moving toward implementing and executing your vision.

Your journey will begin with a $500 initial consultation fee that will provide me with a base understanding of who you are and what you’re trying to do, and how I can be of assistance.  During this hour long conversation I will not hold back any great ideas or concepts that I sense or see would tremendously assist you.  You will receive a clear return on your investment and expectations.  I will work with you and your team to develop what you aim to achieve.  And, however many sessions you feel are needed, will be provided at the cost of just $100 per hour.

My aim in offering Creative Consulting was to make my powerful ideas available to you.

I look forward to us working together,

Johnnie Williams III

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