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Johnnie Williams III is an accomplished author and activist that specializes in metamorphic motivation and meaningful mentoring.

Over the past 20 years he has been sought out to encourage students, staff and small business professionals.

He has been recognized (nationally and internationally) for his natural ability to connect with diverse audiences, while expanding conventional thinking.

He’s spoken to audiences around the world on student success, purposeful parenting and tactical teaching.

Johnnie Williams III is available to provide keynotes presentations on an array of different topics that relate to varied aspects of life.  If you provide the key points you’d like expressed, he will develop a custom presentation that is unique and memorable.  His main gift is in finding authentic ways to make a real connection with his audience by tapping into what they value and then connecting that to the pillars of his message.

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Keynotes Presentations

Parents R.O.C.K. will engage participants in an inspiring discussion on ways to better connect and inspire their children.

Content Includes:

– The purpose of parenting 

– The creation of a 2nd family

– The 4 stages of development 

– The need for our expectations 

– The power & problem w/habits 

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SHATTERED is an exceptional anti-bully presentation platform that will make a true impact on staff and students. It’s premise was derived from a glass shattering like the feelings and emotions of those being tormented by hurt individuals inflicting their pain upon another.


This impactful experience will introduce:

– The four types of bullying
– The science behind why bullying continues
– The statistics that continues to worsen annually
– The most commonly missed aspect of bullying
– The strategic ways to address and stem bullying

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Read About Touching Lives

Touching Lives


The Touching Lives Lecture Series is a unique approach for school districts to contract a set of lectures that build upon each other and provide access to presenters that have worked through some common challenges. The link provided offers more information as to the focus for each presentation.

“be encouraged to encourage someone today” – JW


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Blind Spot

Blind Spot is a courageous conversation about culture, bias and diversity. Participants will will be introduced to both the problem we aim to address and the solution we’ve been seeking.

Content Includes:

– Research on implicit bias
– Real case studies to work thru
– Relevant articles citing bias
– Responsive teaching tips
– Reviewing videos on culture

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Get Educated America Tour:

What’s it About?
This year, I want to educate America.
No, I’m not talking about going around and teaching students from a textbook. I’m talking about teaching everyone from all walks of life the most valuable lesson that they can ever learn.
I want to educate Americans on opening their mind.
Your brain is a powerful machine – capable of performing miracles every day. But too many of us take it for granted. We believe that we know everything about the world, and we resist learning new things.
But what if we expanded our minds? What if the wonder and curiosity that fed our creativity when we were kids was still alive and thriving?
I believe that it could transform the country and the world. I believe that learning to open your mind is the most valuable lesson you can receive.
But what am I talking about exactly? It’s easy to say “open your mind,” but what does that mean?
It means not taking things at face value – just because someone says something is true doesn’t mean it is.
It means figuring things out for yourself. Don’t parrot back information that you heard from somewhere, do your own research and come to your own conclusions.
It means seeing things from another perspective. It means understanding that you don’t know everything and trying to fill in the blanks with real, valuable information.
Do you know what everyone else is going through? Do you know how to solve another person’s problems? How could you if you haven’t been in their shoes? An open mind understands its limitations and wants to learn more.
An open mind is a gift to yourself. It’s both exciting and empowering. Being closed off from new experiences and new ideas is only going to produce the same results.
I want to motivate America to start opening its mind – to begin a new era of learning that benefits everyone.
This tour is not about telling you what to do. It’s about empowering you to see the world through a fresh pair of eyes.
It’s about enabling you to learn about what you don’t understand so that you can succeed in life. Opening your mind can put you on a pathway to success that you never dreamed possible.
My “Get Educated Tour” is aimed at inspiring others. I want to show the world what benefits having an open mind can have. I want to show you what can happen when you learn about what you don’t know.
I want to show you how independent thinking can help you succeed.
Are you ready to expand your horizons?
Are you ready to open your mind?
Are you ready to get educated?

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5 Steps To Significance

The 5 Steps to Significance is ideally suited for socially minded individuals who are rich in optimism for the future. These visionaries will be challenged, empowered and enlightened with strategic ways to serve humanity.

Content Includes:

– Discussions around how to best incorporate your idea
– Discussions around competition and collaboration
– Discussions explaining why social media should not be mistaken as your message
– Discussions that will define what it really means to lead
– Discussions About the do’s and don’ts of activism

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Shoot For Your Dream


Shoot 4 Your Dreams is an amazing presentation that uniquely relates the game of basketball to reaching personal success. This presentation engages school aged audiences with four concepts promoting the self improvement necessary to score in life.

Content Includes:

– The benefit of learning each day (inflate your mind)

– The importance of being coachable (accept instruction)

– The second option that increases your chances to win

– The need to manage time wisely (stop procrastinating)


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Safe & Respectful Learning Environment

Safe and Respectful Learning Environment for African American Males is a courageous conversation hosted by Johnnie Williams. Communities and school districts experiencing disproportionate suspensions and expulsions of this student population should deeply consider this powerful dialogue session.

This in-depth conversation will cover these critical points:

WHO these males really are…
WHAT is most important to them…
WHERE we send them far to often…
WHEN we’ll see a shift in their data…
WHY so many of them keep failing…


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Read More On Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally Responsive Teaching

The Culturally Responsive Teaching Book study was created to walk a k-12 staff through two amazing books that will help them better connect with all students. The books provided to educational staff offer very unique research and connection practices for moving children forward.

This book study can be delivered in person or through video conference and will cover the following:

– The brains capacity for complex learning
– The type of bias that sustains underachievement
– The best was ways to create connection
– The teaching strategies of a passionate educator


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